Israel & Zionism



This committee is responsible for planning, promoting, executing, and evaluating programs that involve Israel, her peoples, culture, geography, and politics. Such programs include but are not limited to outside speakers, faculty speakers, student speakers, films, and videos.  Program topics include both political and non-political subjects and political programs reflect a broad range of views from across the Zionist mainstream.  This committee is also responsible for encouraging students to visit, study, or work in Israel and works to remove obstacles in order to maximize participation in these options. This committee works to foster Clark’s ongoing dialogue with Israel and offer a well-rounded view of past, present, and future Israel


Hannah Cooper

Treasurer and Liaison to Israel & Zionism Committee
Class of 2020
Major:  Biology
Fun Fact: If a career in biology doesn’t work out, I will become a chef.


Ethan Keller

Class of 2021
Major: Geography
Minor: Political Science
Fun Fact: I have a twin.

Eli Mugg

Class of 2022
Major: Management
Minor: Undecided
Fun Fact: My favorite color has always been yellow.

Jacob Vider

Class of 2022
Major: Physics
Minor: Match
Fun Fact: I ran cross country in high school.