Religious Observance Committee



The Religious Observance Committee, or ROC, is responsible for all programs that involve Jewish religious life at Clark.  ROC’s main job is to plan and run programming that involves Jewish holidays and religious learning, as well as developing students skills in these areas.

Go to HebCal to get info on the Jewish calendar, Hebrew dates, holidays, and candle lighting times.

Meeting Time/Place: TBD for 2017-2018 school year


Eli Baldwin

Class of 2019
Major: Geography
Minor: Economics
Other Activities: Clark Undergraduate Geography Association (CUGA)
Fun Fact: Lives 3 miles from Canada

Miranda Singer                                       

Class of 2020
Major: Psychology
Minor: Education
Other clubs and activities: Youth Outreach Worcester (YOW), Concert Band, Jazz Workshop
Fun Fact: Went to Iceland twice