Executive Board


Introducing our Executive Board for the 2020 Spring Semester!

Alexander Sklarz
Class of 2022
Major: Political Science, Minor: History
Fun Fact: I play the clarinet, piano, and saxophone.

Ethan Keller
Vice President, Liaison to the Israel & Zionism Committee
Class of 2021
Major: Geography, Minor: Political Science
Fun Fact: I have a twin.

Elijah Cohen-Gordon
Vice President of Public Relations, Liaison to the Religious Observance Committee
Class of 2023
Major: History and Community, Youth, and Education Studies
Fun Fact: I am on the Board of Directors at a local nonprofit.

Ari Hoffman
Treasurer, Liaison to the Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) Committee
Class of 2021
Major: Economics, Minor: Studio Art
Fun Fact: I threshed wheat for a summer job last year.

Nicole Turetsky
Secretary, Liaison to the Social, Arts, and Culture Committee
Class of 2022
Major: Community, Youth, and Education Studies

Fun Fact: I dropped my phone off a four-story building in Israel and wrote my college essay about it.


Noa Petler
Member Engagement Representative
Class of 2022
Major: Biochemistry, premed track

Fun Fact: I’m an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).
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