Religious Observance Committee


The Religious Observance Committee, or ROC, is responsible for all programs that involve Jewish religious life at Clark.  ROC’s main job is to plan and run programming that involves Jewish holidays and religious learning, as well as developing students skills in these areas.

Go to HebCal to get info on the Jewish calendar, Hebrew dates, holidays, and candle lighting times.


Lily Abrams, ’25
Major: Education
Fun Fact: I took a gap year studying in Israel!

Alexander Sklarz, ’22
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: I was President of Hillel two years ago!

Avi Pretekin, ’24
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: My sister and I share the same birthday exactly three years apart!

Rosa Newshore, ’25
Major: English & Physics
Fun Fact: Spaghettification is my favorite word in the English language.