Social, Arts, and Culture



The Social, Arts, and Culture committee, better known as SAC, is an integral part of Hillel’s social scene. SAC is responsible for programs involving interfaith collaborations, Jewish culture, and educational programs about Jewish identity. This includes but is not limited to monthly late night bagel brunches, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, movies and Jewish cultural learning


Will Lichtenberg
Vice President and Liaison to the Social, Arts, and Culture Committee
Class of 2021
Major: Management
Minor: Spanish
Fun Fact: I am fluent in Spanish


Noah Crane
Class of 2021
Major: Undecided
Fun Fact: I used to be able to tell the difference between brands of bottled water in a blind taste test
Nicole Turetsky
Class of 2022
Major: Community, Youth, and Education Studies
Fun Fact: My favorite color is blue
Rebecca Goldstein
Class of 2023
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: I drove over 1000 miles to get to Clark






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