In addition to our regular weekly Shabbat programming, Clark Hillel offers a variety of ways to celebrate the Jewish holidays:

High Holy Days:  No on-campus services but we organize students to attend synagogues in the area where they are enthusiastically welcomed for free.  On campus we host pre-Rosh HaShanah dinner, a pre-Yom Kippur dinner, and a post-Yom Kippur break-fast. We also throw a Rosh HaShanah New Year’s Bash!

Sukkot:  We build our own Sukkah to celebrate the Jewish harvest festival.  We generally offer multiple social events held in the Sukkah around this time.

Hanukkah: We offer an annual Hanukkah party and nightly lighting of the menorah if Hanukkah falls during classes.

Purim:  We often offer megillah readings on-campus, in addition to informing students of services at local synagogues.  Typically we also celebrate Purim by hosting a festive party.

Passover: During Passover, a wide array of kosher for Passover meals is available for all students. In addition students lead seders on the first and second night.

Other Holidays: Depending on the Student Leadership and the academic calendar, Clark Hillel offers programming for additional holidays such as Tu B’shevat, Yom Haatzmaut, Simchat Torah, Lag B’Omer, and others.