At Clark, every week when classes are in session, Hillel hosts candle lighting, a choice of student-led Friday night Shabbat services, and a kosher Shabbat dinner.

Currently Friday evening services include a mix of “liberal egalitarian” (usually with musical instruments and some English) and “traditional egalitarian” (no musical instruments and all in Hebrew). All services are student-led and use student constructed prayer books. At times we offer other service options, depending on student demand and willing leaders.

We begin each week with a student-led Kiddush (a blessing over grape juice), ritual hand washing, student-led motzi (a blessing over challah bread), and a davar Torah written and delivered by a student. All Shabbat meals come from Clark Dining Service’s Kosher Catering program. All Shabbat dinners feature a choice of a meat entrée and a vegetarian entrée. These dinners are free for students. All participants are asked to sign up  in advance, either online or or through email.

While we don’t offer Saturday morning services on campus, there are five synagogues in Worcester proper, between 1.5 and 4.5 miles from campus. Together these congregations cover most denominational options and each community is very welcoming of our students. We can help students figure out logistics, if needed.