Writing a D’var Torah

A Word about Writing a D’var Torah

A D’var Torah (literally translated as “A Word (or A Thing) of Jewish Law” is a verbal form, in writing or delivered vocally, often used in a sermon like manner, to extract or highlight a current life lesson from some element of that week’s Jewish scriptural reading.  The Torah, or Five Books of Moses, has been divided into fifty four sections (each one is called a parashah, in plural they are called parishyot).  Each week, with some modifications that create a temporary time separation between Israel and the diaspora (Jews outside of Israel), the same portion is read in every synagogue in the world.  Some of the portions are sometimes paired to share a week in order to keep the lunar calendar and holy days synchronized with the portions.

What the actual portion of the week is in the diaspora can be found here:  https://www.hebcal.com/.  If you click on the name of the portion (at the top of the home page once the week has begun) you will go to a page where the chapters and verses are listed and a brief summary of the portion can be found.

Some highly other recommended web sources are:

Chabad Lubavich (Chassidism), http://www.chabad.org/

My Jewish Learning, http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/index-of-weekly-torah-portion-commentaries/

Orthodox Union (mainstream Orthodox), https://www.ou.org/torah/

Jewish Reconstructionist Communities (Reconstructionist Movement), http://jewishrecon.org/divrei-torah

Torah.org, http://www.torah.org/

Union for Reform Judaism (Reform Movement), http://www.urj.org/

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (Conservative Movement),http://uscj.org/JewishLivingandLearning/WeeklyParashah/TorahSparks/Archive/Default.aspx