Israel Advocacy


At Clark Hillel, we seek to foster a safe place where students who are passionate about Israel can learn, share their feelings, and respectfully agree to disagree with one another.  Whatever our personal views may be, whatever our differences, Clark Hillel attempts to provide students with an outlet to expand, express, and examine their personal views.

Like all Hillels, we work on these issues under Israel guidelines promulgated by Hillel International.  Clark Hillel’s own Israel and Zionism Committee provides important campus leadership in this regard.  Israel and Zionism works on advocacy issues relating to Israel, but also contributes to the wider Clark community by providing programming that educates and empowers.  Our Hillel is fortunate to be able to partner frequently with other outstanding students clubs, such as J Street U Clark.  Clark students are also subsidized by Hillel to attend regional and national conferences.  There they network with students from other colleges and experts, in order to learn more about Israel and effective policy advocacy.

Important Statement:

Clark Hillel’s student leadership, as represented by our Executive Board, is pleased to have strong, effective, and committed student allies in our Israel education and advocacy work in clubs like J Street U Clark. We appreciate these organizations and their members. Many of them are active participants and leaders in ClarkU Hillel as well. They are our valued partners in working to educate our campus community about Israel and the difficult choices she faces in seeking to be a Jewish and democratic state living at peace with her neighbors within secure and internationally recognized borders. We also are grateful for the many partner agencies that assist us and all of them in our campus Israel advocacy work.